Smartcharts FAQ

What is a data series?

A data series represents a line in a Cronimon SmartChart. A data series has an identifier by which it is adressed to add data points to it. It has also a display name, which is displayed in your charts. You can change the display name any time you want, while the identifier cannot be changed.
A data series can either be public (default) or private. Private data series are shown in the Cronimon login-area only while public data series are shown on every page that embeds a SmartChart.

What is a datapoint?

Every successful call to the Cronimon Input-API ( results in adding a datapoint to a data series. Datapoints are aggregated over time.

Who owns the data?

All data is owned by the user who submits the data to Cronimon and can be exported in csv format any time.

How long are data points stored?

This depends on the time level:

Datapoints on "Seconds"-Level are kept for 10 minutes,
Datapoints on "Minutes"-Level are kept for 12 hours,
Datapoints on "Hours"-Level are kept for 2 Weeks,
Datapoints on "Days"-Level are kept for a year,
all other data is kept until you decide to delete it.

Can I add existing bulk data?

You can add multiple datapoints in a single HTTP-request (see Documenation)We´re working on a solution to let you upload existing Files (e.g. Excel Spreadsheets or CSV-Files).

I embedded a chart on my website but the data isn´t shown or it says 'no data found'

If you embed a chart outside of Cronimon, only public data series are shown. You can change the access permissions of your Data Series under 'My Data' in the login area.