Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 20, 2010

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously
and protecting your personal information is a top priority to us.

Personal Information

By registering with Cronimon, you agree to the collection and use of your personal data as described below:
  1. Upon registration you will be asked for your e-mail adress. Your e-mail adress will be stored in our database. We will use it to inform you about product news and to send alerts in case specified thresholds are exceeded.
  2. When upgrading to a chargeable plan you will be asked for payment information required. This may include credit-card information as well as personal information (your name, company, ...)
  3. your data will be used for internal reporting only within your account
  4. You can delete data or cancel your account at any time
  5. Cronimon uses cookies to store session information, and thus will set and access cookies on your computer(s)
  6. All data you send to Cronimon is owned by you. You can export data as a .csv file from a SmartChart any time. You recognize that datapoints are subject to data aggregation. In consequence your data is stored at a specific time level only for a limited time.
  7. Cronimon uses Google Analytics for user Tracking. Data tracked with Google Analytics is stored in the United States of America. Google uses this information to draw conclusion about website usage. Google might share this information with third parties. Google will not associate your IP-Adress with other data stored at Google. You can prevent Google Analytics tracking by contradicting the Google Analytics Cookie.

We will never sell, share or rent personal information you provide with any third parties unless described above or required for billing.

Data Privacy

We understand that the data you send to Cronimon may be confidential. You can restrict access to your data so only your Cronimon Account will be able to access it. This data will be treated as confidential unless you decide to give other users the permission to view it. We will never share confidential data you send us with anyone unless required by law. Access will be restricted to the people you explicitly grant it. Cronimon staff will never access your confidential data unless required to provide support, develop the service or for administrative reasons (e.g. Account Closure).

We do reserve the right to publish aggregated studies, cleansed of identifying information, in order to advance the web analytics field and promote Cronimon.

Changes to this policy

We’ll let you know about important changes 30 days before they become effective. You will be notified by
e-mail and a notice in the login-area.

Questions or comments

Any questions you might have about this Privacy Policy should be addressed to